Top 10 Ways To Maximize Your Living Space

Top 10 Ways To Maximize Your Living Space

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Current trends suggest that people are opting for smaller living space. While minimalism may be on the rise, so is rising rent prices. For some, downsizing is not a choice but a requirement.


Whether you have deliberately chosen to downsize your home or been forced to by rising rental prices, here are the top ten ways you can make the most of the space you have.


  1. Remove All Clutter

The first thing to start with is decluttering your home. Many of us allow things to accumulate in our home over the years, most of which does nothing but collect dust and take up space. Be strict with yourself and do a full inventory of all your possessions. Anything you don’t use should be sold, thrown out or given away. If you can’t part with certain things, then consider getting an off-site storage unit. A decluttered home not only creates more space, but also helps reduce stress.


  1. Find Creative Ways To Store Your Items

Once you’ve removed all the things you no longer need, start finding better ways to store what you have left over. Be creative with this and look for inventive ways that you can create more storage space. Make use of attics, crawlspaces, space under your bed etc.


  1. Add More Light

More light, whether natural or artificial, can create a sense of more space. While it’s very difficult to add new windows, you could still consider adding in a skylight or extending your current windows, with an alcove. Changing to smart lights or different colors, can also change the ambience and create a warmer feeling.


  1. Add More Mirrors

Another way to increase more light and the feeling of more space is with extra mirrors. Upgrade your current ones, with new stylish designs. This will reflect more light and create a sense of more space.


  1. Make More Convertible Spaces

Similar to creating more storage space, do the same for all your appliances and furniture. Make your desks, sofa, and beds convertible so that you can fold them away when not in use.


  1. Invisible Furniture

Just like the above point, extend it to all your furniture. Swap out your current bed for a murphy bed so the room can be converted into something else during the daytime. Anything that you’re not making use of in the day or night time, can be folded away to serve a different purpose.


  1. Add Lighter Colors

Lighter colors like serenity blue and rose quartz are all the rage now. These colors create a more open feeling of space and also add to a more interesting decor.


  1. Add Some Wall Art

You can spice up your decor even further, by adding some wall art. Extra wall art can create a more dynamic feeling and even a 3D illusion. This can make your home more unique without compromising on space.


  1. Change Your Flooring

How your floor is laid out can make a huge difference in how a room feels. If you have any marble or wood flooring, this is especially so. Strategize carefully how you’d like to do it, before making any final decisions.


  1. Create Outdoor Spaces

If possible, expand outdoors and create new spaces. This could be as simple as adding a porch or deck for relaxation and entertainment. If you have a backyard you could design a shed or even redesign an old shipping container, to serve as an office space or gaming studio.



Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to settle for being cramped. Just a few simple changes can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room.


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