Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Posted by SAI DREAM HOMES // November 16, 2017

When you are first getting started in real estate investment, you’ll learn that the natural path is to progress to ever bigger investments. You start with a rental home and once you’ve got a handle on that you move up to purchasing two, three or four more. Once you’ve got the confidence down to manage […]

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Why Contractors Prefer To Work With Investors?

Posted by SAI DREAM HOMES // November 9, 2017

In the real estate business, it’s always useful to have reliable partners you can count on in times of need. Strong networks make for more work done and at a faster pace. One such partnership that is vital to the success of any real estate business is that between an investor and a contractor. Independent […]

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Foreclosure Investing, Is It Right For You?

Posted by SAI DREAM HOMES // November 2, 2017

Unless you are very new to real estate investing, you must know the impact that foreclosures have had on the real estate market. One of the big misconceptions people have about foreclosures is that they are all the same. In reality, there are a few different stages to foreclosures, each with their own pros and […]

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5 Areas You Must Stay Focused On In Your Business

Posted by SAI DREAM HOMES // October 26, 2017

It’s easy in real estate investing to focus on the big areas and lose sight of those little areas that make the difference. Everyone loves to focus on finding and managing properties, but without giving due attention to those more mundane aspects of a business, you won’t last long. For a business to succeed you […]

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Pros And Cons Of Student Housing Rentals

Posted by SAI DREAM HOMES // October 19, 2017

There will always be ups and downs to every property investment. Stay long enough in the real estate business and you’ll see that there are many different ways to build a portfolio. One area of the rental market that has seen tremendous growth in recent years has been the student housing rentals. Many colleges cannot […]

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5 Tips To Get the Most Out Of Your Vacation Rental

Posted by SAI DREAM HOMES // October 12, 2017

Anyone who’s invested in vacation property looks forward to the summer months with glee. This is the chance to make your investment worth it and bring in a big return on your investment. The peak rental season for vacation properties is usually May to September, success in these months will decide how well you do […]

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Things You Should Know About Homeowners’ Associations

Posted by SAI DREAM HOMES // October 5, 2017

Anyone who purchases a condominium unit, townhouse or any type of development unit in a gated community is under obligation to join a Home Owner’s Association (HOA).  In the United States, this association is created by the project developer. It’s purpose is to set the rules and regulations for the community, while also managing the […]

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5 Tips For Better Real Estate Photos

Posted by SAI DREAM HOMES // September 28, 2017

These days if you want to sell your home quickly, you need to get your listing on the internet. The problem though with that is you have to compete with many other sellers who’ve had the same idea. To attract enough buyers, you need to make your listing photos really stand out. To do that, […]

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5 Tips For Being A Better Leader

Posted by SAI DREAM HOMES // September 21, 2017

Some people believe people are born leaders, others think a person can learn leadership qualities. While there is something to be said for having natural leadership qualities, much can be learned and used to turn any business model around. The real estate business is a people business, you interact with people every day from clients […]

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5 Other Ways Of Generating Extra Income While Investing In Real Estate

Posted by SAI DREAM HOMES // September 14, 2017

Success in real estate, is not something that happens overnight. It takes time to learn the pitfalls, along with perseverance, when times become tough. To keep your business afloat you’ll need to keep funding it with new capital. More capital allows for more lead generation, advertising and marketing, which will bring in more prospects and […]

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