Divorce Lawyers In Alexandria VA

Divorce Lawyers In Alexandria VA

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Divorce Lawyers In Alexandria VADepending on the circumstances, you’ll probably need divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA when you wish to file for divorce. The legal costs can certainly run high, if the case is heavily contested. Unless both you and your spouse agree on everything and there are no children or complicated financials to work out, you’ll definitely need legal counsel. Fortunately, you can fund a divorce case, via, the equity tied to a residential or commercial property.

Read on to learn more about divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA and how the divorce process works.


Why You Need Divorce Lawyers In Alexandria VA?

In Virginia, in order to file for divorce, you must have “reasonable grounds” for it. This can be a fault such as adultery, acts of cruelty against a spouse or desertion. In other cases, it does not have to be a fault. For instance, where the spouses agree to live apart for 6 months with a written agreement (and have no children) or live apart for one year (with children).

If you expect the divorce to be contested, or it has to be proven that there has been a fault, a divorce lawyer will make things go much smoother. Being unrepresented in a heavily contested case, can quickly rack up more expenses. You also stand to lose more, when a verdict is reached.


Legal Separation In Virginia 

In the state of Virginia, there is no such term as legal separation. Instead, you can apply for a limited divorce. In some cases, this can be more advantageous. For instance, allowing for remaining on health insurance, or tax benefits. However, for this to be granted “reasonable grounds” must be met. In this case, that can only be desertion, abandonment or cruelty.


The Divorce Process In Virginia

The divorce process is started once a spouse files a “complaint”. The spouse who does so is the “plaintiff”, while the other is the “defendant”. In the complaint, the plaintiff must show that they meet the residency requirements in Virginia, give the date and place of the marriage, the name and birth dates of any children, and give one of the “reasonable grounds” required for divorce.

The defendant may file an “answer” to this, admitting or denying the allegations. They also have the choice of raising a defense and filing any counterclaims.


Separation Agreement And Waiting Period

The next step in the process will be the writing up of a proposed separation agreement. The terms on which the parties wish to settle the dispute. If uncontested, the whole process usually takes two to three months. If contested, then it can drag on for as much as 18 months. Virginia state law has set criteria for handling alimony, property division, and child support. It’s in moments like this that divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA really show their worth.


Selling Your House To Settle Divorce Expenses

Going through a divorce is troublesome enough without also having to sell your home to pay for it. It’s the last thing that anyone wants. But in these situations, you have to think with your head and not your heart. Homeowners have the ability to turn equity on a home into ready cash for paying. This can be used then to cover legal costs and settling child or spousal support expenses. In fact, Sai Dream Homes can buy your house and you can use the cash, to cover the divorce costs very quickly. Sai Dream Homes does not take advantage of couples going through the divorce proceedings or exploit their situation. It buys properties at market prices just like other individuals or businesses that are involved in the real estate industry.



When a marriage breaks down, there are consequences. One or both the spouses, may have difficulty raising money, to settle the divorce attorney fees. If you own a residential or commercial property, you can sell it for cash. When done right a good sale can cover the expenses of a contested divorce and set you up for the future.

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