The biggest secret to selling your home in slow winter months

The biggest secret to selling your home in slow winter months

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sell home in winterSelling a home in winter is considered to be against the conventional wisdom. It’s often advised that sellers should wait for spring to list properties.

The reasons as to why people avoid listing homes in winter are quite obvious. Sellers believe no one would venture out looking for homes in the horrible, cold weather. Besides, potential buyers are busy celebrating. After the holidays are over, most people with children don’t want to move because it is still the middle of a school year.

Why you may need to sell in winter

Following this conventional wisdom, you may be determined to skip listing your home until spring, but an array of circumstances can actually throw your plans out of gear. Probably you just changed jobs, or a new baby arrived. May be, you are trying to avoid foreclosure and want to short sale. May be that’s when the itch to move, happens to strike.

These circumstances may force you into the real estate market in winter. As you have to ignore the conventional wisdom to get the property off of your hands quickly, you may find that conditions in winter aren’t as bad as you’d thought – and there might even be some upsides.

Lot of professionals hit the market looking for homes in winter because companies tend to place and/or relocate their workers during the first quarter of the new year. You need to invest a lot of time and money in landscaping in the spring or summer. In wintertime, though, all you need to do is shovel the snow which you would need to do anyway, whether you are selling your home or not. No after-work and weekend hours toiling to maintain your outdoor space, and no stresses about its supposed inadequacies.

Another advantage is that since everyone thinks they shouldn’t list their property in winter, there are very few homes to buy. Less competition means good business.

Professionals involved in the transaction like home inspector, appraiser, and title agency will be highly motivated and focused to close the transaction quickly because their business is usually slow during this season.

Why most people fail to sell in winter

Most home sellers are not able to take advantage of the upsides because they use the same strategy for selling their home in winter as they do for selling in spring or summer. They would enlist the services of a real estate agent, list their properties on Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and wait for buyers to turn up at their doorstep. It winds up being a big mistake.

You need to have a different approach when selling your home in winter. It’s actually not a very complicated strategy, but just a little secret that most sellers are not aware of. If you know this secret, you can sell your homes within the first few days of listing your property.  Well, you don’t even need to list your property as such. You can sell your home within a week without any hassles.

The secret to selling your home fast in winter

If you want to sell your home within a week, the easiest route to take is to sell it to a real estate investor, rather than a regular buyer. Most real estate investors will buy a property as-is. They would carry out a quick home inspection and complete the transaction with cash. So, you don’t even need to worry about the deal falling through because a lender decided to disapprove your buyer’s mortgage application at the last moment. You can save big time on agent commissions and some other closing costs.


Some investors are more interested in getting the best price than watching out for your welfare. If you are selling to an investor because of financial difficulties or looming foreclosure, this is especially important. That said, most investors are in the business for the long haul and they can definitely work out a deal keeping your interests and requirements in mind.




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