5 Tips To Find A Buyer FAST for Your Rehab Property

5 Tips To Find A Buyer FAST for Your Rehab Property

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The real estate industry is all about utilizing time. If you have a rehab property that you want to sell, finding a buyer is a race against time. For one, you need to deal with interest and insurance payments plus the taxes and if you don’t sell it soon enough, the rates will pile up. That being said, the first 24 hours of the listing is vital, because the longer that your property sits in the market, the more difficult it would be to sell it off. Just like any other properties, how you roll out the property matters. It draws a line between having a buyer or not. To sell your rehab property, here are some things that must be taken into consideration.

  • Price matters. As common as it may seem, having the right price will make a difference. Take off the personal attachment as well as the ego, when setting a price for your rehab property. Allow the real estate agent to do their work and render an unbiased perception. Take the time to consider the value as well as the comparable. Do not list the property too high, but consider other factors as well. Remember, potential buyers will see the price right away and if it’s too high, you may lose your chance. So, to find a buyer, the price matters.
  • Market your property. One of the main roles of a real estate agent is to ensure that the property is getting a lot of attention. It could be done by showing the property to potential buyers or marketing it to all platforms. With the use of technology, your rehab property could be listed online, so that it will generate a marketing buzz. Talk with your real estate agent and if there is a need to increase the commission by 1%, then look at the bigger picture and consider its positive results.
  • Staging. Even though you are listing your property, you still need to ensure that it is presentable and furnished, when buyers look at it. It may sound difficult, but you can try to extend your wallet a bit more to generate more interest for your rehab property.
  • Be detailed. Before selling your property, you need to be detailed regarding everything that pertains to your property. Give a complete data such as lighting, temperature or even some things that are in the property. Also, you can even add ornaments to make your property more appealing.
  • Choose the best offer. It is inevitable that deals will come and offers may seem good. However, take some time to choose the best one and get the best deal. Do a thorough examination of every offer given and check for the closing date, financing and inspection contingencies, if any. Additionally, check the price, the cash offer and other things, before closing the deal.

Once the rehab property is listed, make sure that you are reachable and the real estate agent is available, should there be any questions from the potential buyers. Use these 5 tips, to sell your rehab property, as quickly as possible.


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