5 Helpful Tips To Ensure Successful Email Marketing

5 Helpful Tips To Ensure Successful Email Marketing

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It is undeniable that technology has changed the way we live and work. Even communication has transformed to an easier approach. The digital world has paved the way for messages to be circulated with ease and less hassle, saving time and resources. Everywhere you go, whether in a park or in a shopping mall, people are using their devices to connect and communicate. This is where email marketing can be utilized. That being said, incorporating the technology, can help you in strengthening your presence in the real estate industry. Surely enough, email is one of the best and cost effective ways to generate leads. Below are five helpful tips to ensure successful email marketing.

  • Attention matters. You need to know, how to grab the attention of your readers. To do that, you need to be aware of the things that would make them read the email or not. For some people, if the subject line is not appealing, they would just trash the email right away. If it’s too wordy or outlandish, the emails are disregarded too. Having people read your email, is the very first challenge. To grab the reader’s attention, make sure you have a solid subject line and introduction, that is worth reading. Readers typically make up their mind within the first five seconds, to continue reading or to delete an email.
  • Be genuine. Being real and authentic matters a lot, in order to run a successful email marketing campaign. As you prepare for your campaign, make sure that the tone is set and that you already have an outline prepared. Be genuine, in making statements. The overall message of the email should be authentic and sound real. Don’t use fancy words or any real estate jargon, because it can impact the flow of the message. Reach out as much as you can with a real message, keep the tone simple and engaging.
  • Be specific. As you send out to your email list, make sure that you are specific and the list is not huge. Don’t send out emails that are long and contain a lot of real estate jargon. Be sure not to spam, because the effectiveness of your message might be hampered and lost, and you may have to deal with angry folks. To be successful, get a clear list so that you can send it out to specific people. This will ensure your target audience is more defined and any potential call volume can be handled. Once you get a handle on your list, you can work your way up from there.
  • Track and learn. Efficiency is the key in email marketing. One of the benefits of using a third party company to run and handle the campaign is that, they will provide you with detailed stats and figures. Based off this information, it is up to you to make any changes going forward. The key is to check the effectiveness of each campaign and learn from them.
  • Do the follow up. If someone has read and responded to your email, do not waste time, but follow up immediately. Money is in the follow up. Make a spreadsheet and input their data in there, so that you can constantly monitor them. It is inevitable that false leads will come up from time to time and you might be flooded with a lot of responses. Follow up with those, that reached out to you first. Since they responded, it means there is interest and you can fuel that interest, to make your plan a successful one.

The email campaigns have gained a lot of attention and momentum in recent years. Due to the relative low cost and the ease to outsource, investors should have this marketing option in their arsenal.

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